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For 15 years Ice Cubed has been serving the good people of England's North West with high quality, ultra pure ice on time, every time.

From humble beginnings we have grown with a hands-on, can-do attitude that has allowed us to perfectly cater for your event's ice, from 20 people at your house party, to 50,000 people at a festival.

Three generations in temperature controlled equipment, and over 80 years experience in the refrigeration and ice making business ensures we have a passion for our product rivalled by few others.

The most simple – although we'd like to call it fundamental – requirement to the success of your function; A cold drink, well-presented, is all we're interested in. Good luck arranging everything else, just leave the ice to us.

The voice


Find a glass, grab a goblet or whatever you're able
Let us tell you a story, some e'en call it a fable
Pour some liquor, mix a mocktail, your favourite: Best-willed
Convention declares it most usually chilled
Climb a chair, mount a table, raise your cup, make the toast
Whether speeches, condolences, votes of thanks to the host
With drinking, imbibing, it's communal rote
For centuries, millennia, a ritual of note
For the good and the bad times, occasions humble or grand
Across every continent, and through every land
Universal, pervasive, it's what humans do,
With our product and service we help bring that to you
From the County of Lakes, the carpark at Mam Tor
To the flat lands of Cheshire, past Chester, yet more
In July when it's pouring, through December's dark snows
Our dues are delivered, though our drivers be froze.
A-Listers, baristas, prize-winning mixologsts
Butchers and bakers, off-duty Proctologists
From the great and the good to your neighbours next door
One things does unite them: a cold drink, freshly poured
A scant few have bilked us, took the goods, cut a dash
So don't be offended, it's usually cash
For the best and the brightest a service we offer
Good for cash-flow, liquidity, money kept in your coffer
Great terms and so useful, a bullion-safe bet
All we ask is prompt payment on thirty days net.
So now you know all about us, as much as you need
And whatever you're planning we hope we've planted a seed
Good luck with your parties, we hope they go nice
The one thing we would say: Ring us for the ice.

0800 253 671

0800 253 671
Ice Cubed
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