Ice Delivery

Our Delivery Service

At Ice Cubed we understand that having a quality product is only half the story.

Without the attention to detail, and logistical know-how to deliver to your venue at the specified time, whatever the weather or road conditions, we would never have earned our reputation for the highest levels of service and reliability.

Ice Cubed deliver 363½ days a year, meaning whether it's a regular order or a one-off, you can rest assured that once you've placed your order it's as good as delivered.

We deliver daily into the Greater Manchester area, and by prior arrangement much further afield. Contact us for any specific requirements you may have.

Oh, and for all of our regular customers in the City: Delivery is still free!

SAMEDAY ORDERS (delivery cut-off)

Monday – Thursday - 4pm

Friday & Saturday - 6pm

Sundays & Bank holidays - 1pm

Need ice in a hurry?
Contact us to find out more about our rapid response service.

0800 253 671
Ice Cubed
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