About us

Northwest’s longest established ice specialist

Our founder, Diana, knows that for a business to not only survive, but thrive, then it has to deliver on its promises. It seems obvious to us, but judging from the amount of phone calls we’ve taken over the years starting ‘We’ve been let down…’ we know that other local ice providers don’t feel the same way. There’s a lot of competition in Manchester and the North West, so we’ll cut through the chatter that’s out there, and state the facts about us:

  • We’re Manchester’s original ice merchant
  • Our clients include the most prestigious local, national and international hospitality chains
  • We supply all the major sporting events in the city
  • We supply the city’s biggest music and cultural festivals
  • We supply many of the City’s best hotels
  • We supply the largest university in Manchester
  • We supply the region’s premier outside event operators and caterers
  • We can deliver UK-wide 7 days a week *for palletised orders*
  • The vast majority of our clients have stayed with us, whenever they’ve been offered a ‘better’ deal.

Best quality and value

Every successful business operator knows that best price doesn’t equal best value. Whilst it’s true that in a strict product-only comparison, most people will be influenced by cost, as soon as a service element is attached it becomes a much more complex equation.

Issues like trust, reliability, honesty and a proven track record play a big part in successful business relationships and that’s something we at Ice Cubed take very seriously.

Our business model is designed to make working with us stress-free and effective, whether that’s setting up a new delivery location, arranging account terms, ensuring you get the best price for our products, or becoming a priority client with all the added features that entails.

For these reasons we don’t do ‘price lists’, all we can tell you is that our ice is a few pennies in the serve. That doesn’t mean we can’t provide you with a quote, only that not everybody’s requirements are equal.

As a rule of thumb if you’re looking for a multi-tonne palletised single drop we will almost certainly better the price of any of the frozen wholesalers out there.

For 15 kilos of cubed ice on an emergency call out any given wet Tuesday morning in February, then you can appreciate we will incur costs that sadly have to be passed on to you.

Happily, the vast majority of our clients sit between those two extremes and enjoy a competitive price for a quality product allied with a robust, reliable delivery service.

Oh, and for those of you who have heard on the grapevine we’re ‘expensive’, we’d  welcome the opportunity to quote on your requirement, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.